M. Terk Premium E juices

Michael Terkildson, known as M-Terk, has been building custom, high-end coils since his more humble days in 2015. After kicking a serious drug and cigarette addiction that lasted 13+ years caused by a difficult childhood and a major foot injury, M-Terk found a way to reinvigorate his life through his coil-making craft and by continuing to help and support others quit bad habits and addictions as well.

This ain't just any other brand or company, this is a movement inspired by the human condition with deeper heart-felt social values underneath. We're big fans of M-Terk's story, and - like many of his followers - we're especially proud of his journey and the success that he continues to build globally. 

Now, as one of the biggest influencers and brands internationally, it's about damn time we stock and help distribute his mind-blowing range of vape juices in Australia. We're proud to support M-Terk and his fantastic range! It's time for Australia to taste his signature butterscotch based blends.

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