Tobac King By Candy King

One of Candy King’s newest lines for those who can’t get enough of that rich taste of luscious tobacco. This line captures the soothing hit of tobacco along with an extra kick of tasty sweetness. Tobacco already has a natural caramel or vanilla-like essence to it so having additional flavors that go well with it only makes these juices even more enticing than they naturally are. Knock yourself out and try these amazing flavors from TOBAC King, you won’t regret it.

Tobac King has created a vape juice that is a salty sweet butterscotch and rich tobacco flavor that’ll have your mind burst into a thousand pieces with this killer blend on the inhale. Leave the soothing tones of sweet savory flavors to remain on your tongue until the next hit on the exhale. This also comes in salt nicotine form.

Cuban Cigar
Having the harsh tones of a Cuban hit the back of your throat in the inhale is quite pleasing as the smoked wine-like feel glides across your tongue. It begins to smooth out on the exhale carrying every flavor it can with it so you get a second dose of lush flavor when the vapor escapes from your mouth. This also comes in salt nicotine form.

Vanilla Custard
A dessert taste mixed with the notes of precious tobacco. Sweet vanilla extract blends into a pool of savored custard, coating your tongue in a layer of thick, juicy vapor soaking into each taste bud in the inhale. The smooth flood of tobacco will give you the perfect throat hit along with carrying the two other delicious flavors out with it making sure that you get as much of this tasty flavor as you can. This also comes in salt nicotine form.