Malaysian E Juice

Malaysian vaping market has become one of the world’s largest. A side effect of Malaysia’s vaping boom is an explosion of Malaysian e-liquid companies – many of which now ship their products worldwide. Malaysian e-liquids have become famous among vapers throughout the world for their quality, interesting flavour combinations and unique expressions of well-known flavour profiles such as mango and strawberry. There’s also the menthol – Malaysians love their menthol. 

When you look at Malaysian e-liquids, one of the first things you’ll notice is that Malaysians love their fruity flavours. That’s not unique; fruity e-liquids are popular throughout the world. What is unique, though, are the flavour combinations that are popular and the ways in which Malaysian e-liquid makers express those flavours in their products. Malaysians absolutely adore mango flavours. It’s likely that you can find more mango e-liquids in Malaysia than you can anywhere else – but it doesn’t stop there. These are just a few of the one-of-a-kind e-liquid flavours that you can find in Malaysian vape shops:

It isn’t just the flavour combinations that make Malaysian e-liquids notable; people who try Malaysian e-liquids often swear that they’re simply more boldly flavoured than anything else they’ve tried. Some people try Malaysian e-liquids and return to their previous favourite juices only to find them bland in comparison. Taste, of course, is subjective. Only you can say whether that statement holds true for you. There’s one thing about Malaysian e-liquids that no one can deny, though: Its Bold excellent quality great value and  Malaysians really love their menthol .

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