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Last week the TGA announced the greatest attack against vaping in Australia yet. At the behest of Greg Hunt, our so-called minister for health, restrictions on the importation of nicotine are set to take effect on July 1st. These restrictions could be a lethal death blow to vaping in Australia.

This is extremely serious, but there is still time to fight this. Since Greg Hunt and the TGA are working to implement this ban without parliamentary approval, a legal challenge could effectively stop this ban from taking effect. We need your help now more than ever. Legalise Vaping is planning to take on the TGA, but they need your support.

You Can help us fight for your rights by Signing the peteitions and buy making a donation big or small any amount is helpful and appreciated. Just follow the links below. Thank You.

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Legalise vaping Australia have spoken with Senator Matt Canavan and George Christensen 2 Liberal Nations MPs to start an open revolt in parliament against the vaping ban. To be clear. This petition has been created by elected members of parliament, is a HUGE step in the fight against the ban. I cannot think of a time when members of the government in power have clearly and openly started a revolt like this.

We need every single customer to sign this petition. Right now.

Liberals and Nationals Petition

Use this platform to easily email Australian media outlets in just seconds. This platform was created to urge the media to cover Greg Hunt’s circumventing of the parliament to ban 300,000 Australian’s right to vape.

Contact the Media

ARVIA has also launched an email campaign which we encourage you to get behind. 


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